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Steak Salad

>> 7/13/10

The American Heart Association definition of a "portion" of meat is a 4 oz serving-about the size of a deck of cards. On my kids plates with a side of veggies and a slab of crunchy whole grain baguette a single portion of steak looks ample. On my plate it simply looks sad and lonely. To "beef" it up, I slice the portion thin and make steak salad. Romaine leaves with a light coat of home made dressing, slices of steak and blue cheese crumbled on top. One meal (steak) done two ways for kids and parents.

At this point you're saying "A cardiologist, eating Steak?!?!?!" Wasn't steak banned in the 70's?? Truthfully, much grocery store steak is high in saturated fat-the building block for that lousy LDL cholesterol. We look for grass fed steak. Cows fed grass-their natural real food-have higher levels of omega 3 fatty acids which are actually found in grass itself. Small portions, and the right cow=healthy real food.

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Possibilities Waiting to be Created

Possibilities Waiting to be Created
Santa Monica Farmers Market

Crunch Time

Gives any well-intentioned cook, completely possible ways to get more real, fresh food onto the table without being shackled to a recipe or breaking the bank or getting an uprising from finicky eaters.
We are big on quick food prep - Chop Therapy - to make real food into fast food and we use what we term flavor savors that give a flavor punch to foods instead of using preservatives or processed ingredients.
We love getting the whole family involved in the food preparation effort. We also use some momgenutity for presenting real food in our homes so it stands a chance against the marketing assault of the Happy Meal.
Please share your ideas and share our posts with anyone you know who might want more real food in their meals.

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