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Food 4 Later

We still tell stories about Grandma Leona who once froze a half an apple.  We thought this orderly, reserved woman, who rarely smiled, was a spend-thrift freak.  But, now we get it - Grandma was preserving her work (and her sense of humor) as much as preserving her food... perhaps that's even more important.

After we have shopped for, cleaned off, chopped up and prepared real food, why let any of it go to waste.  This section is where we share our best ways for extending the life of our food so we can get back to the real world.

1.  Save and refrigerate every bit of food.
2.  Reinvent your saved food into new dishes (see Food Madonna)
3.  When your saved food on the brink of turning or you're sick of looking at it preserve it:

Freeze whole - Chop produce, lay flat on cookie sheet and freeze, place frozen produce in freezer bag.
Freeze within - Make a soup with vegetables and smoothies for fruit.  Freeze into appropriate containers.
Freeze meals - Save complete meals into freezer storage containers, but freeze the food to look presentable when you reheat it.

Chicken Piccata Again
Frozen Waffles w/out Preservatives
Smoothie Popsicles
Toaster Pancakes


Possibilities Waiting to be Created

Possibilities Waiting to be Created
Santa Monica Farmers Market

Crunch Time

Gives any well-intentioned cook, completely possible ways to get more real, fresh food onto the table without being shackled to a recipe or breaking the bank or getting an uprising from finicky eaters.
We are big on quick food prep - Chop Therapy - to make real food into fast food and we use what we term flavor savors that give a flavor punch to foods instead of using preservatives or processed ingredients.
We love getting the whole family involved in the food preparation effort. We also use some momgenutity for presenting real food in our homes so it stands a chance against the marketing assault of the Happy Meal.
Please share your ideas and share our posts with anyone you know who might want more real food in their meals.

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